2012: Great Lessons Are Not Always Obvious

I got more than 5 hairstyles this year; the recent one topped it all. Collected a set of happiness, heartaches and recipes. I learned when to hold on, hold tighter and let go. I practiced grace under pressure, moving on, stepping forward and accepting bitter truths. 2012 shaped me to be a better version of myself. 
This year I learned that family will always be there no matter how far. Their love and care transcend borders. They hurt me and mock me lovingly and yet I can still be crazy with them…I can cry and rant over the phone… I can complain all I want and yet there is a certain bond that cures pain and heals brokenness that only family can give.
I gained more than 200 plus friends in Facebook and lost a few people in real life. 2012 taught me that not because I can talk to people about my life, my problems and all the things running in and out of my mind they could give me the same concern and regard that I give them. There will always be a thin line that defines who’s who in our lives and it takes a good time to know where you really…I mean really stand in someone’s life or…circle. It hurts to know that but sometimes the hurt makes us better.
Heartbreak is a liberating experience. It crushes your wit for you to gain better senses. 2012 taught me that standards can get low and setting some expectation is just a way of believing that there’s something more than what it offers and not all people can get that. It taught me the importance, complexities and boundaries of self-love. People will leave, everything will change but in the end it will always be just me. 2012 knocked me down, reiterating that I should never ever sacrifice “me” for anyone. Never.
This year is not just about pain but more of lessons. I mean everyday is an avenue for experiences and mistakes but this year made me feel like I took crash course to LIFE 101.I got tons of happy trips and joyful moments. It still amazes me how one sad memory can be replaced with a happier one during the same year, how my emotions and feelings changed and how I adapt to that fact and how I try to rebuild and regain what’s lost.
2012 slapped me awake of all the things that I have and that I should appreciate it more than bask in the palms of hate. Reality bites and I cannot bite it back. Nothing kills happiness more quickly than old hurts and resentments. I don’t want to spend my precious time stuck in a sad story from the past. I realized that I am being affected way more than anyone else. It’s time to wrap all of that pain in a web of love and move forward with grace.
To highlight the event of my year I can say that the “I got locked up in the building bathroom for almost 30 minutes” is number one on my 2012 list of epic moments.


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