My heart beats for 2013

Dear Lord,
You know how silent I can be when it comes to praying and thanking you for everything. Sometimes I really don’t know what to write or say because even if I don’t do anything you know what’s running in and out of my mind and what are the real desires of my heart. Right now Lord I really can’t find the right words to say how thankful I am for all the blessings you gave me for the past 27 years of my awesome life and yes… 27 is my “kailangan-ko-marealize-ito” age. 2012 is great and I know that 2013 will be AWESOME. It’s really a great feeling to have that “kilig” feeling that comes from… I don’t where exactly. You know that I feel it everyday right?  Thank you for that.

I am really thankful that you’re a great story and scriptwriter. Thank you for giving me the roles of “bida”, “kontrabida”, even the “api” role that I guess I played perfectly and I learned a lot from that too. Thank you for making me feel like an “artista” – the comedy, drama, musical and even the horror, plus the great family and fabulous friends that I have, You know that they play big roles in my everyday existence and they make my day worth looking forward to. And also not to forget the press and the media.

Family? Check plus heart. Friends check na check. Career? Check plus star. Health plus gym membership? Existing. Love team? Missing in action. Lord, for the past years I know that I never really prayed for this, but just like what mommy told me “anak ipagdasal mo kasi ang love life mo.” Can you please write a love story perfect for me Lord? And if you don’t mind I want to have some suggestions, but as always I will accept wholeheartedly whatever story it is that you’ll give me.

A love story that is Christ-centered, a relationship that will bring out the best in us – both of us. A story where both of us are strong (strong and stronger) I am so done with the weak and strong plot it drains everything. I had enough of the “nakakabawas-ng-ganda-at-talino” relationship. I want a love story that gives a “ SURPRISE!!!” (agad agad) not the “may surprise ako sayo…” Seriously, I just don’t get it why there’s a need to inform the person that there’s a surprise. You know how shallow I am when it comes to that “kilig” feeling, simple thoughts and gestures can really make my day.  You know how fan I am of “it’s the thought that counts”.  A love story wherein we can be ourselves – where we can be kids, super heroes or whoever we wanted to and that our relationship will be our comfort zone. A love story where we share not only our dreams but crazy ideas as well. A relationship that understands how moody we can get. A relationship where being loyal and committed will never be a struggle. A love story that will give both of us peace of mind, heart and a good night sleep wherever we are because we don’t have to worry about one of us doing a relationship what-not.

Here I am again writing down my thoughts from my very ideal world. Funny thing is that I know that this only happens in movies but I am an artista remember? But in reality Lord you know that I am saying this things to you because you know that I can do these things for that great gift of relationship you’ll give me and you know what are my capabilities when it comes to the matters of the heart. A story that is real and perfect for me (us). I have inputs about “him” but I’ll write it down some other time : ) So I pray to you Lord to give me what you know is best for me, (but the “makulit” in me keeps on saying “please Lord consider my inputs din…”)

Guide me to the right (guy) path. Thank you Lord for giving the opportunity to write my thoughts. I know that you know what and who is best for me .


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