On Friendship.

“Ang taas kasi ng kilay mo…”
Ang judgmental nyo naman.
Oh well I don’t blame you guys for not really befriending me that easy, the kontrabida façade blocked the little miss sunshine in me. Contrary to popular belief I am a friendly, approachable person given that we started on the right foot (yun oh binawi na agad). I got GOLD loyalty award from my school after spending 12 years of my growing life there. Estudyante blues. That’s where I met my oldest friends. 5 years in UPLB (the place to be) I met my gorgeous older girl and boy friends then I became a yuppie and there I met my old friends. These are the friendships that kept me grounded. They’ve seen me from my bad to worse; my favorite – basura to basurahan moments and the redeeming maganda to pang beauty queen state.
Counting the years between my old friends, and me we have more or less 20 plus years and counting. Although I don’t see them often because of their schedules and my curfew (yes curfew at 6pm) this has not affected our friendship, not one bit (I think). I guess when you love each other the way we do, there is this sense of understanding between friends that goes beyond time and distance. You can really remain close without actually physically being close.  It’s like seeing each other after 5 years and still I am the same Abi and they are the same them. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be said, we just know that no matter what…we’re on each other’s team. And that’s what old friends can give you…a sense of security and unconditional love. Kahit na minsan akong naging yagit sa paningin nila.
As part of growing up you meet all sorts of people who come from the most extreme backgrounds. When it comes to relationships and friendships…there are reasons, seasons and treason. I’ve met so many people in my life; most were dazzling, some, well…let’s not talk about them. Different people will either inspire you to become like them or help you realize what not to do or what not to be in life.  I’ve experienced that personally and it’s proven that many people touched my life, each with a purpose at a given time and space.
I am so blessed to have old friends who understand that I needed to get out of my comfort zone, and to meet new people and gain new friends not just to widen the range of my superb connections but to learn new things as well. Last year, I’ve welcomed so many new wonderful people into my life. In just a matter of months, I’ve discovered so many admirable things about other people that I would like to adapt as well. Sabi nga you you will become like the 5 people you spent your time with so choose wisely. I’ve learned stories and know more awesome people that share the same passion and boredom. 2013 is a LOVE year for me. Love my family. Love myself. Love my friends and Lovelife and as part of this lovelove year I am concentrating all of my energies to improve me. I feel that a great way to improve yourself is by the friendships you form throughout your lifetime. 
There will always be a special place in my heart for my old friends although there’s always a room for more.  


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