The Boy Who Changed My Valentine’s Day.

 This is not a kilig story.
It was 6:30 a.m and there I was walking on my way to catch the 7:30 a.m. bus going to Ortigas. That day which was supposed to be a love-filled day was not a cheerful day for me. So I walked down the street thinking deeply of how to survive that day. From afar I saw this boy holding flowers and heart balloons and he made my heart pound and with a sigh I told myself “pati ba naman mga bata…” I continued on my journey towards the bus stop then the boy five steps away from me stopped and gave me the warmest smile and the loudest and happiest “HAPPY VALENTIIIIIIINE’S DAAAAY Ate.” I don’t know the boy, from what I know I am a stranger to him as well. I can’t help but smile back and say “Sayo rin.” and that changed my February 14, 2009.
Valentine’s day is the least favorite occasion on my list of “holidays” single or not so single. I think Vday was so commercialized that people are being dragged to be “sweet” on that day. But that “day” of 2009 this boy shared something to me that made a mark in my heart. It’s really a good feeling that someone is sharing something with you and you know that the source of that sharing is love. At its highest, most beautiful form, not the size of the sharing that counts, little acts of kindness make big impressions.
Love is sharing. Sharing a piece of you. Sharing your life story. Sharing your time. Sharing your blessings. It was a genuine happiness that can still make me smile every time I recall that moment. Love is sharing without the desire for personal gratification wala naman siyang mapapala sakin sa pagbati nya that day but he did wholeheartedly, if you can only see the smile and glow in his face you’ll be happy too. With every sharing action of love, there is a reaction to that love. The reaction comes from its reception, but that reaction is not always positive and it may not be returned. Remember the phrase; give without any strings attached? We give because we love, we share because we care and with that I don’t just mean boy and girl relationships but all kinds of relationship. Love sharing itself is the gift, when you share love in any form, you should experience that joy. In fact, if that is genuine you should feel that joy deep in your soul that it could tickle your heart.
If a simple gesture from a stranger can brighten one person’s day, imagine all the invisible fireworks of happiness you can give to someone you really care about. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be lavish, it just have to have something special – YOU.  Efforts really count. I’m a big fan of “it’s the thought that counts.” When sharing becomes a habit, selfishness diminishes, and love overflows. You have got to tend to your own garden of sharing before you see a rich relationship garden. Every act of sharing in relationships is a seed of love in your own pot!  As they always say sharing is caring and you have to care enough about your relationship to share the love required for it’s blooming.
Spread the love.

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