You need to be your own shining light (sometimes)

It’s on you.

That is where it starts. That is where it ends.

It’s on you and what you want, and how hard you are willing to push, and how persistent you are going to be when they tell you to give up. People will tell you to give up.

Nobody can understand your drive. People will ask you to give it up because they don’t know better. It’s very human of us to judge and to speak before we think. Forget them. In the sweetest way possible, forget them and all the little fences and walls they try to place on your life. Sometimes we have to forget. Forget what you think life is all about.  Forget what our “friends” will say about you. Forget all the limiting statements we hear everyday.

We were never designed to go through life alone. Always think about the red invisible thread that connects us? And of course, that spaces in between our fingers? We were born to go out and find the ones who fit. Walk, even in cute little baby steps. Move to find the peace.  Life is about people trying to make the hard things more graceful for others. That is where the joy is. That is where the peace is. That is the beauty of every fiber of life.

Strive to do better. Reflect and learn. Stop letting people twist and break your heart. Paint. Write. Walk away from that toxic person who never had your goodness at their mind. Walk away and don’t look back. You deserve that. You’ve got to learn to want that for yourself.

Learn to stand in front of the mirror and say “manatiling maganda sa kabila ng lahat”. You’ve got brains. So learn how to use it. Start. Even baby steps to self-improvement and empowerment are still called progress.  Speak up for something good, something worthy. Influence others. Inspire.

Everybody deserves a second chance and a better start.

Life is always good ^_^


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