To My Someday Love

To my some day love.
I stopped looking for you. I’ve stopped mapping the places where you and I might meet. I stopped my friends from teasing. I stopped. I stopped and just focus on things that matter like – my life. I know that when you meet me or when you see me, your heart will know that even if I don’t smile a lot you’ll know that I am a good human being and that I am the partner you’re looking for all this time.
We all need to find an exceptional human being before finding the “good woman” or the “good man”. The partner to me. The better part on my worst days. My sunshine after the rain. The vitamin-giving individual on my weaker days. The cinnamon to my roll. Every day before you is another day to appreciate life. Every day until you is another chance to make me better. Every day until you is another moment to practice kindness and every minute until you is a time to acquire patience. Giving when I want to take & loving even if I am hurting.
To my someday love whenever you find me
I come with the promise that I will try not to empty your tank of patience. I will never plan or try to but I promise to break you at some point. As sure as the sun is in the skies, we will break each other with the things we never meant to do. We will hurt each other’s feelings, ego and other components of psychoanalytic theory of personality. I’ll be lying to your face if I’ll just promise you bliss and days of laughter because I know that I can’t be as fun as you might see me.
I guarantee that I will love you in your loveable days and understand you whenever you become impossible. I will love you even if I am not in the mood. I will love you even if I will bathe you with my daily dose of kasungitan. I will love you even if you won’t love my cooking and I will love you even if we don’t agree to disagree.
To my someday love whenever you find me
Yes. I come with expectations. That you will treat as your partner and not just your wife. That you will honor me. That you will understand my worth. That you will challenge me. It took me a lot of years of hurt and tears to learn all this for myself– that I am worthy, that I am cherished, that I am not the lesser of anyone– and I am never getting back together with the parts of me who once thought I didn’t deserve these things. You can expect the same because I know that you also deserve all the better things.
To my someday love whenever you find me
I know that we will discover and determine the essence of to love one each other unconditionally, even if we break each other.



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