Found in Lost Chambers – The Atlantis’ Lost Chambers Friday Escapade

“… in a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea.”- Plato, 360 B.C. 

I read a lot of articles about the missing Atlantis. I am always a fan of suspense and mystery. On a lazy Friday Jessa and I agreed to seek for our on Atlantean adventure at The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Atlantis – yes it is here in Dubai! I felt like a kid once again, if you could only see the stars and sparkles in my eyes when I saw the huge water tanks and thousands of different fish species. It was so fun like I’m on a field trip I nearly forgot that my sister should be the one enjoying and exploring thank God that we both had fun that day :) Thanks  to our dear mobile phones we were able to get a lot of pictures because our camera has no batteries. 

The Lost Chambers is a huge aquarium found in Atlantis Water park. Atlantis is a hotel with an open beach, a diving site, dolphin site plus an aqua park (Aquaventure) plus the Lost Chambers and numerous restaurants that are always on top of the charts. My sister and I just went to the Lost Chambers –  It is a home for about 65,000 species of marine animals. My sister and I spent half of our Friday watching our fish friends. As we walk through Atlantis Dubai lobby, we cannot help but notice the magnificent array of artwork and detail (we were reminded about our dad’s artwork). The walls or even the ceilings of the Atlantis Dubai, you will see stunning displays of art everywhere. While some may say the murals and sculptures are a bit common, it is hard to miss the overall aquatic theme of the entire hotel, including columns, carpets, and even the doorknobs. When you stay here, the décor really makes you feel as though you are staying in an Atlantean paradise.

The Lost Chambers allows you to walk through the area where you will see the ruins of Atlantis deep beneath the sea.It is the perfect location to live out any Atlantean adventure as The Lost Chambers features a number of tunnels and underwater halls, the fun part was we were able to touch some of the displayed paraphernalia. What caught my eyes are the Arapaima it is a very huge fresh water fish, according to our guide, this fish specie was consulted for finding locations and traveling specially in murky waters. There’s also the Grouper, it is a huge fish with massive size and weight. I think it’s so big that it slowly slowly slowly moves inside it’s tank like a bored kid.

First picture is the ARAPAIMA it’s like an ancient Arowana but I have to check if they belong to the same family :) That’s me and my sister, Jessa, Then one of the chambers and some Atlantean stuff that you’re allowed to touch plus the telephone seat that was used to communicate outside of the chambers.

We also checked out Aquaventure Boutique, it  provides all the essentials for a day at the waterpark, including sunscreen, water toys and hats. If you need a few souvenirs for friends and relatives back home? you can check out Dolphin Bay for clothes and other fun keepsakes they were a bit pricey but I guess all souvenirs were meant to be expensive :) It’s a good thing that my mom doesn’t want anything from there. We just promised her that we will bring her again there if she visits Dubai. Take note of the “if” in this sentence. :)

The Lost Chambers experience was another happy day for me and my sister. It has been a long time since we spent a day of discovery, fun and lots of snapshots. 

I am looking for more adventure and fun times with her :)

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