Birthday Thoughts Part 1 : In honor of having a happy day

Surprise! I am such a fan of birthday celebrations!

I am on my happy abi mode for quite some time now and it really amazes me because I really appreciate the life that I have now. It’s not perfect but it was more than fine for me. Every year, every month before my birthday, being the excited person I am, I always write a blog about my year and what my future plans and aspirations and what my birthday wishes are. Every year is another lesson learned, new friends gained and new scars from freshly healed wounds. Every year added to my life is a mark of a new chapter. When I turned 25 I’ve decided to have a new year’s resolution not on New Year’s day but on my birthday since it is the dawn of an older me. Last year, I wrote some rants about being 27 but like what someone told me that I need to forget about the hurts from the past and let myself heal from the pain inflicted. But just like what I told them and I am sharing with you, it was like a part of history that you cannot skip or ignore because birthdays happen to each one of us only once a year and I can’t go on like 26 then 28. It is our right to have one happy birthday and a privilege to have a day specially dedicated for us.  It’s a complicated emotion that’s wrapped  with complexities.

When I was younger I envy my brother and sister for celebrating their birthdays in our school. They will have a Jollibee Kiddie Party with mascots, games and all the works. My dad and my mom will go to school earlier to inform their advisers to announce that on Friday or whatever day their birthday was the other kids won’t have to bring their baon. Jem was born on September and Jessa on July. I was born on a hot month of of April. Kaya pala ang hot ko… hot-headed. How can I celebrate my birthday at school during summer!!!! But I got over it eventually… did I? I got over it, then came my 18th birthday celebration which happens to be a BLACK Saturday that year. Birthday stories.

I am the type of person who is always excited for birthdays not necessarily my birthday but for other people as well. Such special day should be treated as a festive occasion. It is the day that your future partner in life should be thankful for as well as your future children, enemies, even your classmates who never stopped teasing you when you’re in grade school. Birthday is the momentous event that God finally gave you the right to breathe the air and walk on earth that He created. Your birthday is the special day that marks how long have you been doing something good for humanity or the opposite. I remember the day when my sister and I attended a 7th birthday celebration of my officemate’s daughter. Everyone gathered around the cute pink cake, sang happy birthday and everyone said “blow the candle” then the birthday girl cried, I wonder why.. tears of joy? maybe? Nope. Some kid blew her birthday candle.Hassle. It’s her birthday candle why would someone do that? oh well they are kids. Imagine all the frustration when someone else ruin that momentous event that significantly happens once every year.

My birthday day thought? You have 364 days to ruin but please not my birthday or anybody’s birthday. There should be a law punishable by 1 year isolation if you’re found guilty of ruining someone’s birthday! *ahem* Just kidding. Birthday is a celebration of life and so we must all cherish that one day that we are given another age and another chance to do something good, to do something worthwhile and to create something that will last longer than we are.

Happy birthday! :) 


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