Dear 5-year-old Abigail

Dear 5-year-old Abigail,
Ola! I am from the future and I have some stories to tell about you.
Do not run in the hallways specially during rainy days. Madudulas ka at uuwing naka-party dress. At an early age of six you’ll learn the word responsibility because you will not be the only child. You will have one brother who will grow taller than you and a sister who will give you sleepless nights of kwento and pambubugbog. Going to the gym will not help you with this one. This is a warning.
On a rainy afternoon, you’ll meet your first crush while he is throwing some garbage in the big trashcan just near the girl’s bathroom. You’re  grade three by then. You will never outgrow your innate “kaartehan”. You will get high grades and honors and a lot of scolding for your kadaldalan. That’s the only negative comment that mommy will receive during their PTA meetings yearly. You will have a lead role in one of the school plays. You will dress, as a cat and mommy will start her career as a stage mother. Speaking of mommy, she will terrorize some boys who will like you when you’re in Grade 4 that same year, you will receive your first rose and your first love letter. This is a warning.
You will get pigsa on the first day of classes. You will be grade six at that time. Eventually you will redeem yourself and will be maganda again. You will learn the value of friendship and the pain inflicted by other kids. But that’s fine because from there you will meet your real friends and you will learn the importance of eating your “baon”. You will get ulcer and migraine. You will feel like dying when both of them strike you at the same time. You will love writing and sooner than you know it, you will join competitions.  You will be dancing “pandanggo sa ilaw” twice and will join “sabayang pagbigkas” for many years so you better be ready for that.
Then you will be high school. These four years will open up your mind to politics. You will win the elections and will be part of the school politics for two years. You will be fat, thin, fat, thin, fat and fat. By this time your decision-making skills will be enhanced and your math skills will be challenged. Before graduating high school you will learn the joys of knowing what you want. You will learn the importance of advance reading and the happiness of teamwork during exams and group projects. You will also learn that being studious will never equate with smartness and intelligence and sometimes you will not get what you deserve and sometimes you will get more than what you deserve.
Daddy and Mommy will be so proud of you for passing the UPCAT exams. You will bargain not to stay in a dormitory but eventually you will find a new home in Mt. Makiling and you don’t want to go home anymore. You will find good friends there who will still be your friends until you grow old. You will learn that it’s not the looks that really count but what’s inside everyone. You will join two organizations that will shape your social skills and kamalditahan. This is fun.  By this time you’re still challenged with your math and stat skills but don’t worry it will not be the gauge of your capacity in the corporate world. During your sophomore year you will learn the art of tamang pagtawid, that’s after you got hit by a car on your way to Economics class. Yes, you will take Economics as a minor subject. There will be one time that you will have a hard time writing your name on a piece of paper. That’s the time when you put your GRADUATION in jeopardy but this is also fun. You will graduate college don’t worry.
Your  first job will be an English Teacher for Korean Kids. Koreans will invade the country. It pays well. But mommy will push you to find a better opportunity. You will be a part of the marketing team of Robinsons Land. By the way, you will be asked why RLC should hire you and you will be asked for one characteristic that you have. Please just give ONE and not TWO. You will find another job with a much higher everything.
You will have numerous arguments with Daddy and Mommy. But you will miss them dearly when you go to Dubai to search for a sandier pastures. You will encounter problems and tons of heartbreaking experiences but it will not end there… because there will always be more and more. You will think that you’re a sore loser but there will be good people around you. Sooner than you think you will handle mature responsibilities at home and at work. Don’t worry because you will be a good person. You will get through life with lots of love and also by God’s grace. Never ever forget that. You will learn to love and let go. You will learn to cook and dance and sing and solve problems. You will be a snob and people will see you as “masungit””maldita and kontrabida but you will master the art of pang dededma.  You still have migraine.
10 days before you turn 28 you will write a letter for the 5-year-old Abigail. At first you will think it is a warning but actually it’s more of a review of what happened to you for the past years of your existence. People will hate and loathe you. You will be judged and lied to. You’re a bad liar but you will still lie just the same. You will get hurt and you will hurt other people too, but at the end of the day, what matters and what really counts are the people who love you. As of last check , the majority always wins.
So you better be good even after all the challenges and pain and don’t forget to put some lip balm on just like one of your good friends always remind you.
You-after- 22-years


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