PART 1 : My Amnesia Girl Birthday Surprise Party

I’ve always wanted to be an artista and to have my own version of ASAP birthday party. Okay. What’s ASAP Birthday party? it’s the part of the noontime show – ASAP, where the birthday celebrant will sing or dance or whatever talent s/he got then showbiz friends will come on stage coming from different directions and together they will greet, sing, dance etc. Then s/he will thank all of her sponsors and will ask the audience to support an upcoming movie or endorsements. Bongga di ba? It was just a dream until it happened and it was  more than what I wanted it to be – kasi ito totoo na. ASAP birthday party na.. My Amnesia Girl birthday – style pa.

This birthday surprise party was truly a manifestation of God’s love for me— in the form of my sisters and  friends here in DXB, Philippines and other parts of the world. Amazingly, I got video messages and fan sign greetings from my dearest friends. O di ba ang bongga? Ang saya saya saya (saya saya) ko. Some people might think that I’m just exaggerating the feeling of happiness, but they’ll never know the real feeling of feeling how special you are. Para akong puto na may keso na, may itlog na pula pa. That night I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world —regular days are worth celebrating, but that surprise celebration reminded me how blessed I am! Hindi ko alam if iiyak ako, tatawa or matutulala nalang that night. 

Ang saya saya saya ko. Okay. The truth is – mainit na ang ulo ko that night. I was tired and I was hungreeh and my sister was waiting for me in the metro station. I was worried that iinit na din ang ulo nya at aapihin nya ko at titingnan ng masama hahahahaha! :) Birthday ko yun eh. Nobody’s allowed to ruin that special day.  The real plan was I have a scheduled dinner with my “nanays” Neean, Gayle and Lit.  Beforehand I told my Nanay Lit and Nanay Neean that I really wanted to go home. But my Nanay Neean told me that she got some suprise for me. “NAGBAKE KAMI NG CAKE PARA SAYO DAHIL MAY OVEN NA KAMI.” I wonder if she baked all of the cakes during my party. My SFC friends together with my household head told me that they’ll just drop in the metro station, then there was a sudden turn of events when, Tim told us that he left his license because he changed his pants when he peed hahaha! I’m not sure if he peed on his pants or he was just kidding. After a few turns we are there and everyone’s there. I can’t even go inside the hall.

I looked around the room and saw all these familiar faces and I was reminded of God’s goodness and grace in my life.These people have chosen to welcome me into their lives wholeheartedly without any judgments.  If you make the extra effort to keep your friendships genuine, no matter how crappy life is—it’ll be ten times less complicated if you surround yourself with genuine connections. I have connections! :) connections you don’t have! char!

These people are also busy with their own schedules and yet they made the time for ME. Ang special ko. What did I do to deserve this love and affection from these wonderful people? They actually sat down, conduct secret meetings, have email and BB blasts and thought of what would make me, their emotera sister and friend, happy and put themselves out there to make it a tangible experience for me. 

“Nak amnesia ang regalo namin sayo ngayon na birthday mo.” I celebrated my 28th birthday. Actually I celebrated my 28th years of existence with them. 28 cakes. 18 roses. 18 wishes. A tiara. A tutu. One night. Ang saya saya saya ko pa din. Happy memory.

So let me close this kasayahan with a BIG BIG THANK YOU for making this event possible. 
I forgive you guys for all the lies you told, for the empty batteries, for the tight schedule, for the missing license, for the unreasonable reasons, for the FB hacking incident, for the dinner that never happened and for keeping a secret. ALAM KO NA-CHALLENGE ang EQ ninyo. Nothing beats the preparations you made – from the birthday countdown (10 things about me) to my actual super  duper mega over surprise celebration. My heart is so overweight with happiness and love.

Ang saya saya saya ko.
Sorry if you can feel the “hyper” me while reading this post ang saya saya ko talaga kasi.
**To my dear friends who shared this experience with me, please feel free to tell your story from your vantage point :) and I’ll be so happy to read everything.


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