Just when you thought it is over : post post birthday post.

It’s a little tradition for me to reflect a bit about my birthday as it comes around each year. I think it helps to process and feel it. For the past 365 days of being 27 I learned and realize a lot of things.

Here are a few of the things that I want to share with everyone.
Not all people will like you. For some you are overqualified for others you don’t even reach the standards. What matters is what you think about yourself.
Always find a reason to be happy. Even if your heart is transforming from solid-liquid to gas – be happy. There’s always something good in everyone and in everything.
No one ever fixed a wrong by doing nothing.  If you want the outcome to be different the next round, then things need to change.  
It’s okay to cry.
We must learn to give room for bad days.
Only give second chances to the people who ask for them.  Too often we forgive and forget without ever hearing an apology, yes… because that’s a gift to ourselves but come on…second chances need to be earned, not given out like flyers.  So frequently, we match the faith we have in people to the investment we wish they had in us. When it comes to second chances, they need to earn that faith by proving that investment. (strong. words.)
Awareness can save you from sadness. Whether someone’s walking all over you, or you’re just walking all over yourself, it’s important to know how to pull it together. 
When looking for love, there are few things more frustrating than white noise.  This time, ease off on the search and love what I have.
Nothing beats the inner serenity of understanding the importance of mutualness if there’s such a term. I mean mutual understanding and even mutual hate. It’s just a clear sign that it’s not just a one sided feeling.
Love is a choice. Forgiveness is a decision.
There is no better cure for a bad mood than laughter.
Yoga is a good for breathing and clearing something out of your mind and kickboxing too :)
Sometimes people say that things happen for a reason because they cannot think of a better reason at the moment. Usually the reasons are there, it just happened that they cannot say it to your face or maybe they are not even sure if that’s the real reason.
Friends come, friends go and sometimes they were never really your friends.
Majority always wins.

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