A lot can change in a year. My 2013 was filled with hopes and prayers. I may not look like someone who prays a lot, but yes, definitely, of course, I pray. I started my year with that giddy feeling that something amazing will happen. As I looked back on the year that was.. all I can recall were happy faces and moments full of love and laughter.2013 came and went like a breeze. Everything was light and easy. It was a year full of positivity. There were few down moments but that’s all. And last year was really my lazy year. I didn’t feel like going out or replying or sending messages or emails or I don’t know; it was like I am storing energy for the upcoming year or I’m just plain lazy. I am a  lazy person. 

During a short trip down the memory lane,  2013 was filled with engagements, weddings and babies. AND 2013 was the last time I did something for the first time.I was able to enjoy the use of spray paint. I went to Egypt – to be part of the Mission Exchange team. Last year I was able to make my first instant blueberry cheesecake and for the first time I DIDN’T GET A HAIRCUT :) Last year I quit going to the gym just because. I’ve got crushes and un-crush them. I was able to ride a camel. 2013 also was the year that I was able to work and create a short movie with the people I really like working with. Last year I was able to learn new skills and manage to have new responsibilities when it comes to work. I can really say that I focused on my career (naks!) but the hopes of being an actress are still there. I was right about the something “amazing” will happen  and that giddy feeling too.If there’s one of those years that I will put a star on it… 2013 will be one of them. 
If there’s one major prayer that I asked God, it was for my heart (nanaman!?). It’s not bad to continuously pray for something OR someone. 2013 taught me that. I wanted God to give me a stronger and much forgiving heart so I can find my way to understand the things I could not. I usually have high hopes when it comes to people, I still do, but last year I came to my senses that accepting people for what they are and what they are not is the key to a much harmonious relationship. I know how this might sound but my last year was a series of acceptance – letting go and moving on (repeat). It was not easy but at least it was fun.

Thank you 2013 for giving me the perks of being a sister. Not all of us were given younger siblings and I wanted to share the joys of having two. When we were younger I felt bad when I learned that I will be responsible and my main task is to look after them. Now I think they are feeling bad because I really do enjoy “looking” after them. I spy on my brother’s facebook and send him messages when I have time (I always have time.) Sometimes I feel like I’m their mother but I know I am not when my sister told me “Mahigpit ka pa kay Mama”.She calls me “weirdo” and “emo” but I don’t care because for sure, even without them saying, they’ll miss my craziness when the time comes. Sometimes I’m tired of thinking about them but who said that I need to think about them?No one – but it’s just the way it is. Last year I knew that whatever happens I will always do what big sisters do – tease.

Why am I so into 2013?

Because… it was the year I got my amnesia.

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