Laughter and quotable quotes

We don’t have a constant communication and we really miss each other but we are so busy with our lives that we don’t have time to see each other. It is a happy-complicated-missing-each–other-but–we-don’t-have-to-see-each-other friendship.
We can stay together and laugh all day and laugh all day. Seeing them once in a while makes my heart happy.  Even though we are different in so many ways we still manage to get along with each other.
I’ve seen them through days of bliss and tears of joy, through sickness and heartaches. We’ve seen each other dance and sing and even act on a regular basis (artista?).  I’ve heard them say words of wisdom and corny jokes…or should I say they heard me saying corny jokes and still manage to laugh about it (mahal ninyo ko talaga).  After all the non-stop teasing and bullying it has always been and will always be a happy moment to spend time with them.
I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to be their friend and their sister.  I will always remember how we took care of each other and how we made each other laugh just by simply existing. 
Our quotable quotes will forever remain in my heart. I will always cherish those times when we seriously talked to each other and how we manage to encourage each other to pray instead of getting angry or stabbing someone in the face with a knife. How we manage to give comfort with just a phone call or simple message like “wag mo na patulan taasan mo nalang ng kilay” and after that we’re fine. We have this honesty that even if we call each other fat we know deep inside our hearts that it’s true. There’s so much more I want to say and there’ll always be something to be thankful for because of our HH.
I know that you will be few of those people who will stand by me in times of crazy days… not because I am weak but because you want to be updated (joke lang). Remember when I told you about “ayaw nila saakin eh hindi nga nila alam ang favorite color ko?!” then one of you said,  “Pink ang favorite color mo diba?” I knew from that moment that we will be friends for a very long time. We will always have our “classic” stories – of hallucinations, missing earrings, love woes, and happy days.  And every time we do our “throwback” moments we will keep on coming back to one all-time-favorite quotable quote “…. nothing beats the original.”


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