I went back to check my old old old tumblr account (I deleted it already) and I found this list. I wrote this even before I started to wrote my yearly birthday reflection posts. :) It was funny reading all of these. I was like… “what was I thinking that time?!” cases in point – number 8 and 24. And there are some numbers that until now I wasn’t able to do like number 91,41 and 14! 
This is a crazy list. I think I need to make a new one with much more sense.
1. see the northern lights
2. visit a castle in England
3. learn how to play drums
4. start my own business
5. spend a summer at “the beach” 
6. do an extreme sport
7.have my own house
8. have a surgery
9. write a book
10. achieve my ideal weight
11. learn a new language
12. have a tattoo
13. play squash
14. perform a kind deed to strangers
15.try YOGA.
16. take up dancing
17. learn a martial art 
18. live in a different country
19. swim with a whale shark
20. act in a play
21. visit a waterfall
22. learn to drive and have my own a car
23. see and play in a sunflower field!
24. learn baking.
25. do something completely crazy and out of character
26. be a matchmaker
27. travel with my family
28. have my own dog (chowchow /siberian husky etc.)
29. start my own collection
30. read and understand at least 50 books
31. be friends with people of different nationalities
32. have a week long bonding with my parents
33. go to New York with my sister (she wants to work there)
34. see a falling star
35. learn a new technical skill
36. see a snow
37. pick a fruit from a tree
38. fly a hot air balloon
39. see a real live camel
40. sky dive.
41. win a stuff toy or whatever in a UFO catcher :( —-PATHETIC KO HANGGANG NGAYON WALA PA DIN :(
42. do a perfect cartwheel
43. sleep for 24 hours straight
44. be a cheerleader :P 
45. go on a cruise
46. do fasting with all my heart and soul
47. punch/slap someone in the face hohohohoho (the “you know why” punch)
48. travel alone
49. thank my parents for everything that they have done for me
50. have a photoshoot
51. stay awake for 48 hours
52. play an on line game
53. have a complete documentation of a year in my life
54. make someone cry out of happiness
55. make someone cry out of pain
56. wish on a wishing well (as in well)
57. plant a tree
58. ride a boat
59. give my parents something techie :)
60. get married (Jessa please read this)
61. have two kids ( twins, or two boys or 1girl and 1 boy)
62. organize a big event
63. write for a newspaper
64. meet a prominent athlete or politician
65. kiss in the rain
66. find a four leaf clover
67. buy a good painting
68. paint a scenery or do an artwork
69. have my own diamond ring
70. cook something really good for everyone that I love
71. be in a wildlife safari
72. be an advocate for something
73. help save the environment
74. practice a good diet
75. build a strong relationship with God
76. be an active member of an organization
77. write a thank you letter for the people I love
78. have a romantic get away
79. enjoy a perfect sunset with someone special
80. spend a bonding moment with a kid/s (not necessarily mine)
81. master an information about something 
82. live a simple life
83. improve my handrwiting
84. enhance my writing
85. donate to charity
86. write only the good things that happened on my journal a.k.a diary
87. try the “21 days” to break or make a habit
88. keep a bank account / coin bank
89. have my own fashion style
90. keep my things bright/colorful/cute and nice
91. develop a habit of drinking at least 10 glasses of water
92. do something about my “ever-drying” lips
93. get “hang over ” drunk :P
94. buy something techie ^.^
95. eat something unusual /exotic
96. drink a good wine /authentic alcoholic drink in front a lot of people 
98. own a kimmi doll ^.^
99. rescue someone
100. learn to sing a foreign song (definitely not English)

**Written : April 17,2007 

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