CoyJoy Wedding

I can still remember the first date (and the start of many sisterly dates) with Ate Joy and my good friend Sarrah for a coffee/dinner date. That night we went out so that we can catch up and prepare for Grace’s (her younger sister and our dear friend) bridal shower and wedding. I think that was four years ago. That night after talking about a lot of things and by lot of things I mean work and love life… she told us about this man that she’s dating and praying for that time. This man, according to Ate Joy is very simple and shy-type.
Little did I know that after a month or two I will meet that man in person and with some twists and turns we became friends and chapter-mates in SFC here in Dubai. Kuya Cocoy is indeed simple and a real gentleman.
I am one of the number of people who knows this couple – it’s from them I learned about the importance of focusing on God when it comes to relationship and continuously praying for each other. From them I learned to value – quality time and celebrating occasions together. Like what Ate Joy told me in one of our heart to heart conversations ” PAG BIRTHDAY – BIRTHDAY!”. This line was a part of a much bigger scene if she can still recall that. 

I’ve seen them pray and grow together – from sweet to sweeter until they said their vows and I do’s.  They will never know how thankful I am to be a part of their big day – actually from the moment that Kuya Cocoy called me and asked me to help him prepare for his proposal. I can’t describe the feeling of happiness plus kilig plus excitement. It was a “THIS IS IT!” moment. Nakisali daw ako sa kasayahan nila. I am just happy for them – like really undeniably happy.
Ate Joy and Kuya Coy are the locks and keys of each other. No matter what else goes wrong around them they know that they are safe in each other’s arm. They both share their deepest longings and their sense of direction. They simply make each other’s life come to life.
Isn’t it amazing that when you’re holding someone’s hand and that person is the one who holds your heart? It is when you look at them your hopes and dreams start. When the things that you plan together make your world seem just right. When the one that you believed in, also puts their trust in you – there’s nothing more to ask for, because you already found the one and only love you can share your whole life through.


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