Answered Prayer.

They said that finding the love of your life is not like a giant mall sale.  Instead, it will come when you least expected it and that is –when you’re not actually looking for it.
A friend told me that I would know when I found the one for me. That person will make unusual efforts – like giving me my favorite flower on a day I least expected it. I just said, “we’ll see…”
I met mine when I decided to finally move on with my life – without any man. I have this mantra that “if he comes then he comes – if not then not”. I enjoyed my life and have man friends without a silent “Lord-let-him-be-the-one” prayer. I stopped looking. I stopped crushing. I stopped wondering where is he. I just stopped but I never stopped praying to God to make my heart and me ready. I treat my heart and myself as two separate entities just because.
We found each other –that’s why I am writing this now. We started as friends but he never really talked to me and I never really talked to him. We just exchanged a few glances and smiles and nods and “psst” and  “heys”. Who would have thought that those minimal conversations turned into long talks and walks? Few glances and smiles became funny faces and crazy antics that only we could understand. Those “psst” and “heys” became misses and kisses. And that friendship blossomed to be more than just a relationship.
When I was still single and very much ready to mingle I prayed to God to give me to someone who can handle me at my best and still manage to love me at my worse. A man whose tank of patience can last a lifetime. Someone who can keep me grounded and will accept me for what I am and love me for what I am not. At first I thought it was just my defense mechanism for being single. The belief that no one can ever handle me and my mood swings ever. But I was wrong. It really takes a strong man to handle me – in both good and bad times. I honor him for that.
I prayed for someone whose dedication to family is incomparable. Someone who is not only close to his family but treats them with utmost regard. I prayed for a family man – because through those simple gestures of love for family I can tell how he will be when we he have his own. I honor him for being a loving son, a caring brother and a thoughtful uncle to his nieces and nephews.
He told me to always pray – for us, our families, work and all of the aspects of our lives. We have our prayer time. He makes sure that we go to church and always lead me into prayer. If there’s one thing that I noticed from him when we pray together he always say “thank you Lord that I am with Abi today” (naks! ang haba ng hair ko…). I honor him for being a man of God and for making sure that God is the center of our relationship.
During the early days of our relationship he gave me a Sunflower so that I can have my sunshine on a hazy rainy day and that’s another story.






He is my answered prayer and there’s nothing more I could ask for.

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