Level Up :)

When I got the chance to know you better – I told myself that I like you. I like you because you’re simple and funny – simple and shy type – simple and smart – simple and talented etc. :) Well, you really don’t talk much. I noticed that you love taking pictures and selfies :) I noticed that you paused for a second or two before reacting to anyone. I just noticed. Just like how I notice almost everything.
And right now all I can say is that I love the fact that you’re in my life and that we are planning our life-together… sooner than I expected.
A life together – It sounds matured, full of commitment and complexities. I stopped wishing for someone to have “a life together” but you came along and proved me wrong. You give meaning and extra color in my life. You make my day better and happier. Everything turns out to be extraordinary since you came. Parang bagong teleserye na aabangan :). I can never thank you enough for loving me and taking care of me and managing to keep calm when I do crazy things (like kung-fu and those funny faces).
We’ve been through a lot. We’ve been through issues bigger than the two of us. We’ve been through heartaches and headaches (plus backaches)–worries and sadness but amazingly we bounced back. Problems and issues are part of getting to know each other.But it was all in the past and right now what we can do is to just to think positive each day and move forward together. We changed. We changed for the better. Mas mahaba na ang hair ko ngayon :)
We’ve been to some of the places where we wanted to be and there are more adventures for us to conquer. There are more than hundreds and thousands of food for us to try. There will be more than 200 countries and millions of places for us to visit. There will be more than million tons of coffee beans for our coffee. There will always be more for us.
There will always be more for our life together.







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