Abigail got married.

Yes. I got hitched.
Who would’ve thought that after posting numerous “emotera” blogs about love and prayers I finally found the love of my life – the man that I can annoy for the rest of his life – the human being I can call my own (hahaha!) – the individual who complements me as another individual.
We share a love and hate relationship everyday.  He loves me. I hate him. I hate him so much that I cannot last a day without laughing with him or sharing my boring repetitive stories and crazy ideas and showing him my funny faces.  I love him and he hates me. He hates me so much that he never missed to give me forehead kisses and hugs and makes me laugh and give in to my demands and special requests.
Before we got engaged I know that he is the man I want to marry. I was so assuming that I even practiced how to say YES even without knowing when or if he is even going to ask me to marry him… well.. I am glad he did.
Getting married gave me a different kind of high. I actually felt the “level-up” moment.  Life gave me so many turning points – and this time – the point-of-no-return. It is a big decision – a tough one because getting married is just the beginning of so many other level-up things  – like building our own family – managing our own finances – schedules and other things.  Maturity will be tested and pockets will be emptied. I know for a fact that these things will test my understanding and my patience, which unfortunately I don’t have a lot of that, and my husband knows it very well.






Abigail getting married changed a lot of things. I am now a wife and a soon-to-be mom.  It’s not about me anymore. It’s about US now and US is just two letters but a very big word.  Like what I’ve said in my old post – “…there’s more to life for me and definitely a lot more for us.”

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