Life’s surprises.

“Life has a way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once.” – Paulo Coelho
There are instances in my life that I can talk to myself all day. Gathering my thoughts and thinking about what’s going on with my life. The past few months came and went so fast that I wasn’t able to get a good grip of it. Decisions were made and new life events – life changing events – marked the calendar.
When it rains…it pours. I got a new career path – the one that I wanted. The challenging job of becoming a demo artist and/or technical specialist – Feeling ko nadagdagan ang katalinuhan ko ng 90%. My sister found a new-better-paying-less-stressful-job (as an archer in Clash of Clans) in a free zone company somewhere in Jebel Ali – kidding aside she found a much better opportunity in the same field of costs and profitability – Accountancy. Add to that, the fact that I got married and is now expecting a baby that we fondly call – Crispy (for the meantime).
Yes. I am a wife and a soon-to-be-mom. All I can say is that – nakakahaba ng bangs.
I prayed for all of the above. I just don’t expect that God will answer everything all at once. I was able to summarize what happened to me in just one paragraph but it took me months to understand all of the complexities involved in this life-changing package. Add to that other stressful external factors that complicated things even more. If there’s an ultimate turning point – this is it! All I can say is that – nakakahaba ng bangs.
In a situation like this I learned a few important things – I need to have myself intact – because I’ve heard things I want and I don’t want to hear. It’s really amazing how I can actually hear the truth from their voices and see facial reactions from their messages. My life-events stirred a good number of emotions and opinions, solicited and a lot of unsolicited advices. I’ve learned the essence of “keeping it private” and why it is and how long it will be necessary. It will reveal a lot of things about yourself and the people around you. It will shed a different light on how you see things and it will open your mind into a much deeper understanding about many things. Sad to say it’s really hard to take an advice from someone who never had a close encounter or first hand experience with your life’s situation in general. Reality bites and you can never bite it back.
Everything happening all at once – may not be ideal to some – but I see it as a challenge. It will not be easy to balance a career and a family life that are both on its peak. But I know myself and I know that one way or another I can do this just like how I passed my College Algebra – at first I was so lost  – I almost died… but I managed to move on to Statistics 101 and passed – and graduated.
I am so blessed to be stressed.  My immediate family has never been so supportive. My brother is here with us in Dubai – as planned. I’ve earned another set of family – my husband’s family and of course, THE friends that I can always consider as my family – those special people who gave nothing but genuine smiles and excitement instead of judgement. It will not be easy but I can manage. We can manage. 






Life is still good and I always have my way of how to figure things out.

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