Not young – not old – just 30.

“Thirty ka na!” and at the back of my mind “sana may cash na kasama ang pagiging Thirty…” 

I browsed back to my last year post about my 29th birthday and I can’t help but smile as I read through it. Parang dati 15 lang ako.

I ended that post with:
“…I have a sense that this final chapter of my twenties will be the best yet – just like that giddy feeling last year.”

True enough, me at 29 faced changes and challenges, turning points and a point-of-no-return.Who would have thought that I will be able to fulfill those self-imposed deadlines too. Now I feel like my age justifies the decisions and what I am doing with my life. Not young but not old – just 30. 
I am not living a perfect life – I am just living my life as it is. I still plan ahead – have my goals and set of priorities but this time, it’s a completely different list. My life will never be the same again – because at 30 I will be a mommy and I will have a “family” of my own *mixed positive emotions* It excites me and scares me at the same time. There are more sensible “what if” questions at this point compared when I was younger and just wasting time. Before “what if crush din ako nung crush ko?” *giggles* but now it’s different ” what if dumating yung point na hindi ko masagot un tanong ng anak ko sa MATH?” *hmmmmm* 

I like sharing the thoughts running in my head… so as I embrace and move forward to the next level, I want to share these… not necessarily from my experiences…some of them I learned from other people – some of them just from observing what is happening around me…
  • We can make a lifetime plan just by looking at someone we love. Oh yes.
  • We don’t always get what we want – and sometimes not even what we need because sometimes we don’t get anything at all. – Life is like that.
  • Not all people will like you – the question is, why would it bother you?
  • Not all “sorry” can be answered with “it’s okay” enough said.
  • It’s your life – you need to have everything figured out. I am not saying ASAP I’m just saying you need to figure it out.
  • The most exciting challenges never come from the easiest of situations.Generally speaking.
  • You need to give a portion of your heart in whatever you do.
  • You cannot like or not like someone you don’t personally know. 
  • The software is only as good as the user. 
  • If you want to know something about a person. Ask them directly.
  • There’s always one test that we are going to pass and after that everything will start to change. 
These thoughts are just few of the things that I keep on thinking about lately. Just random ramblings – maybe part of my quarter-life-crisis-moment like what my sister told me.

30 is just a number just like 20 and 10 or even 70. What you’re doing with your life is important and how it affects the people that matters to you. Right now, I am praying that I will be able to be what I wanted to be and to accomplish one by one the goals I set for myself – as a loving wife and daughter and as caring mother and sister. I am also keeping a positive outlook, that behind all of the new roles and responsibilities I will still be able to balance everything from career to motherhood and everything in between.I am now 30 and this is the start of another 365 days of my life.

Isang birthday nalang – goodbye calendar…tapos sa bingo na aasa :)


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  1. Happy birthday buntis! :-)
    I recently had visited your blogspot. Hope you do too on mine (and website)

    It will take you a while to return back on blogging by August/September. I hope what i shared above link would help you get by first 6 weeks of your motherhood, while back at home


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