Happy Birthday BabyLove :)

I don’t have to brag about how proud and how thankful I am and how amazing he is. We don’t owe anyone an update – the important thing is that we are happy. I rarely post anything about him, not because I am not proud of him but because I know that whatever it is between us, happening to us and some other details, amin nalang yon. But today is an exception.
I am proud to have him as my partner in life (naks! post sa FB 100x). For someone to have a wife like me – I know that it will not be easy as ABC. I know that I am really testing his patience most of the time – lalo na pag tinopak ako (tao lang…moody den). There will never be enough “thank youssss” for bearing the perks and downside of having me as his wife.
He gave the word special a different feel. He takes care of me, he prays for me, with me, and for our little Ellie. He makes me laugh and he makes me think. Being with him makes me feel like I am part of a musical television series – he will just burst into a song out of nowhere – everywhere. He supports me in all of my endeavors and crazy ideas (dotahan sa tabi ng eskwelehan). He chooses to love me everyday – like how I choose to love him everyday – with or without taking a bath – even if we woke up at the wrong or right side of the bed. He shows me the real him – the other side that nobody knows about. He understands that my silence means 100 different things and that how I look and roll my eyes can mean happiness or “last-mo-na-yan” or death – depending on the situation. We have our own dynamics. Don’t read this paragraph like we are eternally happy because we are not – we have our own ups and downs, petty fights and rumble days.
Today as he turned 30 (din)…I am praying that God will give him enough strength so that he will be able to handle the pressure of life – of work, of having me as his wife, of fatherhood and of building a family. I am also praying that God will give him good health and the success of his gain-weight program. I am always hoping that even if we grow old he can still pursue what he really wants to be in life or whatever it is that he wants to do so that he will not lose his identity even if we are counted as one. There will always be more for us – fun, challenges, travels, staycations and everything that comes in between that.
Tags made me realized that throwing tantrums will not get me anywhere and that he will not just give in to my quirks just because I raised my eyebrow. In a world where judgment is more important than getting to know a person, all I can say is that there are lot of good qualities that Tags have and a lot of people don’t know that and I am blessed to see those traits.  He proved to me that when you’re walking with someone you love distance doesn’t matter at all. Tags gave truth to the idea that when someone loves you enough, they will choose to love all parts of you without you convincing them to.
We both believe that there’s always) THE ONE person meant for us. And you will meet that one person meant for you in line with God’s plans and His perfect time.  (like what happened to us)






Happy Birthday Babylove! You’re the man.

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