Quick. Life-changing. Challenging.
It happened like I just woke-up one day and a lot of things happened already. Same day last year I attempted to wrote a blog entry about my life situation that time, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish it because there are lots of much important things to give my attention to. 
1.moving fast or doing something in a short time.
I felt like months were just weeks and weeks were just days and the days were like composed of 12-hours.I can still feel the rush until now. The first quarter of the year was spent in learning – new skills – new roles – new responsibilities and learning how to stand with my two feet on the ground since 2015 happened so swiftly and losing balance is a big no-no! 2015 thought me to think quick, plan fast and work it out on a high-speed rate.Well, up until now I cannot grasp the thought that 2015 is about to end. 
1.altering a person’s life or circumstances in a substantial way
At this point…what else can be more life-changing than being a mother? During the first weeks when Ellie was born – I can’t help but cry all the time – no, not the postpartum depression cry-cry. It was more of happy tears. It took time for me to process that OH-MY-GOD-I-AM-A-MOM and look at her – she’s everything we imagined her to be. And well yeah part of those cry cry moments was when I was about to go back to Dubai for work – I almost quit my job and be a full-time mom,  but then again I want a lot of things and I need to help my hubby for our family’s future plans and I want a lot of things (yes, I intentionally repeat that). It was not about just me anymore.
1.testing one’s abilities;
This year, I was able to cross out a couple of things on my bucket list. I have a lot of “challenged-accepted-moment” and yes I am proud of myself. I have my down moments this year and I was pushed to my limits – brain capacity and patience threshold but everything turns out to be a-okay. 
Career-wise I have my up and down moments too, being away from work for a very very long time and now that 2016 is fast approaching I am wishing for more brain cells and storage for additional information. I always have this need for learning new things and I know that wherever this new career path I am taking I know that it will be all worth it.


I am taking steps to move forward this 2016 – family and career-wise. I know that even if this year happened so quick, full of life-changing experiences and challenging situations I will end 2015 strong and start 2016 – stronger. :)

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