Experiments. You’ll never know how far experimenting with different ingredients took us when we were still kids. Well, every Saturday morning (while our parents were out) me and my siblings experimented on whatever we have in our kitchen. We started to mix coffee and cola, coconut milk and jelly, we made freshly squeezed orange juice with the peelings included just to name a few. We were inspired by an old Chinese lady’s cooking show at 9am even if we never understood a single word from her. Thank you old Chinese lady :)

But seriously, that passion and craft for cooking should came from our dad. Our dad is a chef by profession. I despised every moment he asked me to peel and crush garlic for him. Well don’t get me wrong – it was not just a piece but a whopping kilos of garlic. He wanted us to be with him in the kitchen so that we can watch him cook and chop veggies properly (yes there’s a proper way of doing it). Thanks to him I can say that – I can cook.

As much as I want to say that I baked these…nope. :'(

After sometime I began experimenting with eggs and cocoa and flour and baked my very first crinkles! OMG! I did my happy dance and forced my siblings to eat the freshly baked super duper chocolatey crinkles ever existed. It was a failure. Same as the second and third up to the time that my mom told me to stop playing with the eggs and cocoa powder. I wasted it – most of it. But they can’t stop me (insert maldita laugh here) I still plan to pursue my career in baking (and cooking). I told my hubby that I want to bake some goodies and cakes so that we don’t have to buy cakes for Ellie’s monthly celebrations (lusot!) and yeah being the supportive husband that he is, he happily agreed.

Full of cuteness and yumminess (if there’s such a word)



So yeah I will be starting my baking career soon and for sure no ingredient will be wasted and a lot of tummies will be filled. I am really being positive here.

Currently I am checking our different recipes for cakes, cupcakes and other yummy treats. I am really pushing this. Hopefully my upcoming posts will be more of my baked treats and not just grabbed photos in the internet :) wish me luck!


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