My Journey to Motherhood.

My hubby told me that I am not a cry-baby and that I have this strong personality that even dysmenorrhea is afraid of me (yes..he said this) and not even onions can make me shed a tear(he really said this). Well if that’s what he thinks of me, let him be. But if it’s (really) true then I am changed person now. On the day I gave birth to our daughter – I know that somewhere within me a part of me melted like chocolate on a hot pavement.

Being a mom gave me a different perspective about life. As a first timer in this complex field of motherhood I want to give a pat-in-the-back, a very warm hug, a toast and a one whole year vacation in the Caribbean for all mothers! Hands-up! I know now why my mother was so strict and why she was so concern even with the tiny of the tiniest details about me and my siblings when we were kids(well up to now). Being a mother is like being strong and weak at the same time – a complicated emotion loaded with different feels.

Once a baby is born a mother is born too. One notch higher.Level-up. Achievement unlocked. Motherhood is challenging and life-changing. I am blessed to take care of a child whose whole being depends on me (us.let us include my hubby too). I read a lot of articles about baby care. I bought lotions and creams which are good for baby skin. I often tell them that it’s better to splurge on stuff that will make her healthy inside and out instead of spending the budget on doctor’s bill and medicines. Right now I am into baby food recipes, songs and books. I still breastfeed her and even bought mother’s milk tea even though I am not a tea drinker just to have more milk.

Reading stories, playtime, counting kisses and cuddles are just few of the many activities that I make sure I will never miss. I watched some videos and read notes regarding baby massage which are very helpful. Ellie time is Ellie time. I make sure  that we have uninterrupted mom and daughter time. Well cuddled babies have stronger immune system and touch therapy in my opinion an essential part of health and healing based on improvement of circulation, muscle function and stress reduction, just to name a few. It’s my way of making her feel my love for her.

I am a mom for about six months now and things are getting tougher as the days go by but I am thankful that I have my supportive hubby by my side and my whole family as well. And with so many hands ready to help  everything is easier.

This journey will never end because being a mother is for eternity.


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