Super Dad

My mom is not here. And for the first time in 6 months it was just me and my hubby plus Ellie.At first we thought that it will be easy breezy set-up. Well my husband has a shifting schedule at work so he can take care of Ellie during the day and I will do the rest in the evening. Sounds like a fool proof plan right? not.

In situations like this, I appreciate my husband more. Night shift schedule for him plus baby time in the morning = no sleep for him. I really admire him for being a hands-on, dedicated father to our little one.Dresses, toys, skin care stuff and other tiny little trinkets that he thinks will be good for Ellie he will not think twice of buying it. Sometimes I am afraid that he is spoiling Ellie but he gave me an assurance that he is not.  I have thousands of their father-daughter selfies on my phone. I can hear our daughter laughing out loud every time that they are playing.

Tags, has always been amazing husband to me – consistent with the surprises (always with a twist), I can rely on him when it comes to household work (baby sitting included), he make sure that he can spend time with me even if it was just dropping me in the office or picking me up after work. He compensates my lack of sweetness. He makes me laugh. My Dad and Mom adores him ( he makes them laugh too much). He is the kind of guy who will go for an extra mile to make us secured, well-provided for and happy.

Tags being a husband and a father makes him a hero for us. :)


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