Top Mommy Blogs

I’ve been writing my heart out way back high school days. Writing has been my outlet and it gives me relief when I write what I feel. I had so many social media sites until recently I’ve decided to deactivate most of my accounts for personal reasons :)

Come 2015 and motherhood I feel like I need to write again but this time about me as a mom, a wife and as a working-mom. I started reading about mommy articles – parenting – baby feeding and care and lots of stories and stuff related to being a momma then I came across this webTMB-approved-200site which is top mommy blogs there I found a directory of fellow moms whose stories somewhat similar to what I am experiencing as a first-time mom. I’ve decided to join and give it a try. It was an online community of mommies all over the world which is great.

After reading the guidelines and filling-up some forms and requirements (it is very easy I just made it sound complicated) I submitted my form (which is on-line and took me less than 10 mins) and after a day or two my blog was approved to be part of the Top Mommy Blogs.125x100-tmb-logo

This serves as a push for me to continue writing and sharing my stories about mommy hood and basically about all the things that I want to write about. Just like my blog title ” everything is writable”. You can click on the icon below (cast your vote) and check out my blog and let’s go and share some love.









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