I guess this is my first post about what I do for a living. I work for the company – Mediacast and I can say that we are great in what we do :)  I work as a Technical Sales Specialist and I currently handle Adobe and DaVinci Resolve.

Before I start to write about what I do let me give you a proper introduction about the product first – DaVinci Resolve.

Have you seen the movies – Spectre?  Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation? Jurassic World? The Martian? The Intern? Star Wars: The Force Awakens? These are some of the feature films recently delivered with Resolve. And just so you know these films started out as lifeless footage. Thanks to Resolve for giving them the “life” that they deserved to have.

DaVinci Resolve has been the standard for post production since 1985 and through the years of improvements the software is now a non-linear editing system.Blackmagic has added NLE functionality to its color correction software, instead of building an editor from the ground up.

Blackmagic offers two versions of Resolve: Resolve Studio and Resolve. Resolve Studio sells for $995, while plain Resolve is free.They also offer the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel, which retails for $29,995.Of course you can use DaVinci Resolve with your mouse and keyboard or with a pen and tablet however ideally for grading you should use all the benefits that come with the DaVinci Resolve control panel. If $30K is too pricey for your budget, remember that a lot of high-end colorists use the Tangent Element coloring panels and there are lots of other third party panels as options. Color panels will change the way you look at color correcting.


It is a level-unlocked moment for me to handle this product. I do demos and trainings of how to use the software and to maximize what it offers. I couldn’t cover everything about Resolve in this space but I will posting different topics about what it can do soon. :)





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