Baby magic.

I am a mom for more than 6 months already and as I count and document the milestones of our little princess I just realized that I am making some changes and achieving my milestones too. Motherhood changed me in ways I cannot imagine. One change (major) is me being patient. Everybody knows that I am not born patient :) But since the birth of Ellie it was like I was gifted with patience every morning. We all know how babies  sleep and get cranky and cry for reasons even themselves don’t know. I already experienced sleepless weeks when Ellie was a month old and I cried( a lot). I am not exaggerating but I felt like I’ve exhausted all of my energies and milk. It was a crazy time but eventually things got better.

Six months into this motherhood thing and I just realized that babies have magic. Imagine how they can make you cry cry crazy and with just one giggle they can recharged your strength back? :) In fairness to our baby  – she seldom cries… she is just born happy (unlike her mommy).Motherhood shed a positive light in my life. Everyday is a happy day. I don’t know why but it seems that there’s always something good to look forward to… like something great is going to happen .

As I watched Ellie achieve her milestones I am still wondering where she learns all the antics that she is doing now. I asked my mom if she is doing this and that or if she taught Ellie to do this and that – of course she didn’t. :) It’s amazing to see our tiny baby or any baby in the planet figure things out for themselves without adults teaching them :)

Babies can work their magic with anyone and anywhere. Like if you’re strolling somewhere like – malls or parks, then you will see a baby – it’s either you will look at them or they can make you look at them :)  Imagine how they can make you do things for them without even saying a word. But I guess that’s the way it is.. sooner or later as they grow up that kind of magic will disappear.

We thank God for giving us one healthy amazing baby girl. She works her magic not only with us – but with everyone she meets. She is a charmer. I still hope that time will slow down a bit because I still want to see more of her baby magic :)



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