Lunch Time problems.

These are my officemates discussing our problem every single time – what to eat for lunch? :)

It is a routine that begins with the question ” what do you have for lunch?” or “do you have lunch?” “where are you ordering food?”  It will take us 30 minutes to 1 hour to discuss and decide what to fill our hungry tummies.

Today, before ordering food we have to talk about the differences between  naan, paratha and chappati plus add to that the differences between Indian and Pakistani food ( big difference I say…). I discover what chutney is as well as raita. I don’t know why Indian food are so spicy but what we ordered tasted really good… thanks Ashdeep.

We talked about a lot of stuff today. It was a laughter-filled lunch discussing different languages and what are the words we know that is not from our native /speaking language. I wasn’t able to share much since the familiar words I know from the whole conversation are Jumbo and Hakuna Matata (Thanks a lot Timon and Pumba).

The best thing about working with other nationalities is that you can actually share stories, learn or at least have a glimpse of their culture and of course, food! :)

We have decided to do such kind of lunch time every week.



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