Teething and Migraine

Ellie is turning 7 months by end of the month and she’s teething right now. Our little happy baby goes night shift when it comes to crying and uneasiness. All mothers (parents) out there know how painful this milestone is.

It is a mixed emotion for us -getting a glimpse of her tiny teeth coming out make us so happy but seeing her cranky, unsettled and crying make us sad.I really want her to sleep peacefully and wake up cheery but that’s not the case right now. And as a mom I don’t have a choice but to bear with her and soothe her in ways that I can. The thing is those sleepless nights triggers my migraine.

So that sums up our weekend – head and gums-cracking-pain.

I am currently researching and checking out what remedies can help us both.

If you know anything let me know




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  1. After 15 years of struggling with how to stop my migraines, I am finally getting relief from diet changes. I also have other triggers (fragrances in particular), but the diet changes have reduced my overall trigger load. It has taken a lot of time and energy to re-work recipes, so I am posting them with the hope of saving other migraineurs some of the work.

    I also went through the sleepless nights with babies. I’m not sure that I have much to suggest there. All I know is that it will pass eventually – so there is hope.


  2. Chewing on a frozen carrot helped my kids through teething. It always disrupted sleep though. Good luck :)


    1. MrsTags says:

      wow thanks for that! ^_^ I tried freezing strawberries too… and yes she’s sleepy but cannot (don’t want to sleep) :(

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      1. AW bless her heart :( and yours too. Good luck


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