7 months :)

Ellie turned 7 months last Saturday (27th Feb). Every month we see to it that we are documenting and celebrating her milestones. I looked at her pictures  – from her first day up to now  and I can’t believe that our quiet fragile baby girl now can sit and laugh and demand like her mama!

As expected her first two front teeth is already starting to show. She is very fond of eating her fruits and veggies. I want to introduce chicken and tofu into her meal plan but I am still thinking about it. Avocado, peaches, pears, butternut squash, prunes and strawberries are some of the treats that we prepared for her during her 6th month.As much as possible we are avoiding to give her the bottled baby food because of the preservatives. But honestly, I want to give her ice cream, cakes and other “good stuff” haha! I’ll be posting about her food on another post.:)

She is becoming an expert in non-verbal communication – she can raise her eyebrows now just like her mama – just kidding! She already has a variety of expressions in her face — from big grins to frowns. And this really amazes me – the way she can understand how we are feeling by the tone of our voice and our facial expressions. The other day, her dad is sleeping so we went out to the living room to watch Disney and she started to babble chains of consonants “pa-pa-pa” in different tones and VOLUMES. It can go on low or high pitch.

Time flies so fast.Sometimes when I look at her I just want her to stay as a baby but at the same time I want to see what she can actually do and what are the things that we can do together.


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