Baby Skin Care

When Ellie was born I read a lot of stuff about babies and how to take good care of them. I really don’t follow all of them but at least I have an idea and what are the other things happening that I am not aware of.

The other day, my sister informed me that one of the baby skin care line admitted that some of their products contain harmful components that might lead into cancer :(  I am not 100% sure about the news story behind it and I am still checking facts about it.

My mom told me “less is more”.I opt  for items without dyes, fragrance, phthalates and parabens – all of which could cause skin irritation. Our little ones already have natural oils that protects their skin and frequent bathing will remove it and leaving  baby’s skin vulnerable and dry.At first I don’t believe this – but when I noticed that her skin starts to be flaky I had a change of heart. I bought a lot of baby skin care products – I told Tags that we should go in between something cost-effective and pricey. I read reviews and feedbacks from fellow parents. We even discussed about settling for organic products or just the usual baby creams and soaps. Whew! who would have thought that such things should be a subject of discussion. We finally decided to use Sebamed – no… this is not a promotional campaign or advertisement.

I told my parents (they are taking care of Ellie) that she needs to take a bath every day at 10am. I just read that a baby need a routine. We also made a deal that I am going to splurge on lotions, creams and diapers but not on Pedia visits because of rashes and skin problems.

Babies need two to three baths a week in warm not hot water to stay clean. And to prevent her from getting cold we put cocoa oil before we bathe her (baby massage routine), regularly pour cupfuls of water over her little shoulders. Dip a washcloth in the soapy water and use it to gently wash scalp with baby shampoo. To clean her face, I suggest moisten a cotton ball and gently dab.After  that we wrap her in a hooded towel. Once she is dry, apply baby lotion immediately to seal in moisture and prevent dry skin.

We also change Ellie’s diaper frequently, wiping gently but thoroughly each time with baby wipes or washing her bum with warm soapy water and gently pat dry. Wait a few moments to air-dry so moisture doesn’t lead to an irritating rash.We also place a cool mist humidifier in our room to keep the air moist and it really helps not just Ellie but us too.

Baby’s supersoft skin is one of many  countless precious features, and of course we want to keep it that way for as long as possible. But since newborn skin is especially sensitive, you’ll need to know what to do (or not do) when it comes to baby skin care. :)

If you have tips for baby skin care let me know too  :)



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