Freeze Frame.

I was browsing some momma magazines last weekend and I came across some articles about planning birthday parties for our little one. Everything looks dainty and cute. Then I just realized that Ellie will turn 8 months and in no time she’ll be one year already. At first I thought some mothers are just over reacting when they say that they want to keep their babies as babies forever. Well…nope… I just realized that it is not over reacting or exaggerating one’s feelings because I for one would love to keep Ellie as our baby for a much longer time. If only I could do that. If only.

It feels like last week that we learned that we’re having a baby girl. Sometime I really miss the days when she’s so tiny and fragile – nowadays she stretches and kicks and explore the world around her crib or our bed.She screams and giggles and laughs and even show her disagreement every time I tell her something. Amidst all the cute antics that she is doing we can see that she is a sweet little girl. We are thankful that we don’t have a hard time during sleeping and eating time. Actually from her first day up to now, she never gives us a hard time and hopefully it will continue until she graduates college or the years after that.

I know that I cannot keep her under my wings forever. I need to let her go eventually so that she can be whatever she wants to be. I know that it is not an easy thing to do for a mom but like what they always say… I will cross the bridge when I get there. :)


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