Discipline don’ts

I got this from pinterest and I want to share this image with you :) Our kids, they are the most precious gifts ever… but truth be told, there will be THAT one day that they will really really test our patience. My husband and I talked about what are we going to do when that day comes. Well, he keeps on telling me that Ellie will not be a pain-in-the-ass type – I agree! BUT this kind of discussion is not a “we’ll cross the bridge when we get there” topic.

When I saw this post I just realized that this is exactly what we discussed although not in this order. For me setting the rules comes in first – the do’s and don’ts :) If there are no rules then it will be just like a circus around the house. I even told my mom and my sister about it. Number 3 – yes! this is so important – we cannot play good cop bad cop. When Daddy said no then Mommy will say no too.This way Ellie will not see either one of us in a bad light. You know how kids think nowadays. Threats should be avoided at all times and spanking must be avoided at all costs. As much as possible I will try not to lay a hand on Ellie :)

Whining! and oh those tantrums!I did that when I was a kid and unfortunately I didn’t win luckily my brother and sister didn’t too. Imagine how our parents did that. Now that Ellie is still a baby we shower her with hugs and kisses and honestly, we tend to give in whenever she wants to be carried and cuddled. You cannot spoil them at this stage yet. But when the time comes that she can already speak what’s on her mind and eventually knows what she wants then that’s the time.Kids can manipulate us like how we attempted to manipulate our oldies.

It is important that our partners know what should be the way to discipline our kid/s. If you agree on your parenting strategy then there will be less confusion for our little one of who to follow and what to do.

What’s your parenting strategy? Do you agree on these rules?



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