Mrs.Tags works : DaVinci Resolve Workshop

April is my birthday month. I haven’t posted my birthday blog yet :(  I’ve been busy lately because of work…which is good. I just want to share my happiness. Like what I’ve said I am currently working as a Technical Sales Specialist and two of the products that I am handling is DaVinci Resolve and Cintel Film Scanner. It was a level-up moment for me to be part of a group of hardworking smart people and it was an achievement for me to be able to conduct workshops and trainings about the products that I am handling.

Last April 17, in partnership with New York University Abu Dhabi, I conducted a workshop on DaVinci Resolve.  NYUAD is the first comprehensive liberal arts and science campus in the Middle East to be operated abroad by a major American research university.

Handling DaVinci Resolve and Cintel is a challenge because the features are always improving but it provides a big room for learning. I believe that once in a while we need to learn something new because it will contribute to our personal growth and development. :)



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