Choose a safe baby carrier :)

We have 2 baby carriers both are gifts from Ellie’s  baby shower. We already used both of them – one is meant for newborn and the other from newborn to 1 year. At first, I thought that buying a baby carrier is like buying the usual stuff but I was wrong just like how  I am so wrong with so many things when it comes to child care.

I just realized that she is not comfortable with carrier no.1 because it lacks pads and I felt like her weight is not evenly distributed. Carrier no.2 says that we can use it in a front carry – outward facing but you know how fragile baby’s body is and I can see that she it is  not properly supporting her legs and she cannot move.

I’ve read blogs about baby wearing and what are the pros and cons of practicing it. I’ve also came across the term “hip dysplasia”. What is hip dysplasia? You can click on the link to read more about it.

Proper-baby-wearing-to-protect-hipsI told Tags about it and he said that we need to find a good baby carrier for Ellie so we searched online about different baby carriers – I’ve seen Tula,  Stokke , Baby Bjorn, Papoose, Chicco, Boba, Mamas and Papas, and Ergo Baby. Hmmm too many choices  but which one is the one.

We’ve decided to go for the baby carrier that gives value for money, easy to use and safe for Ellie.

We bought the Ergo Baby Four Position 360. The videos and instructions are very easy to follow and the reviews are also great. Tags tried it with Ellie and he told me that it is comfortable and Ellie loves it too.


Wearing your baby should keep baby happy and make your life easier. But, if baby isn’t comfortable, neither of these things will happen. Babies need to feel secure in order to feel comfortable and safe. Carriers that hold baby really close to your body and up high enough for you to kiss the top of their head are ideal. Baby’s head and back should be supported properly as well. Soft structured carriers like the Tula Ergonomic Baby, and the Ergobaby Four Position 360 do a really good job at this, especially since there is nothing between you and baby.


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  1. I love a good soft structured carrier! We still use ours (the now sadly discontinued BabyHawk Oh Snap), those my little guy is well past three. It’s great that you’ve pointed out the disadvantages to a lot of the more commercially available baby carriers out there and it’s nice to see that Ergo has become more mainstream and more affordable! Great post!


    1. MrsTags says:

      Thanks ^_^ it really helped us during our recent trip :)


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