Birthday Planning 101

Ellie is turning ONE!!

I made a checklist of the ideas, themes and things-to-do for her big day. I cannot put all of my thoughts on paper and like what my sister told me I need to decide on what I really want to happen and what Ellie would want…and that is anything to make her happy..

First we decide on the date. Her exact birthdate would fall on a Wednesday – so we’ve decided to just have dinner on the 27th and share the love with some of our friends and their kids on the 29th which is a Friday.

Regarding the themes – whew!  I’ve been contemplating on this since 4 months ago. At first I thought of having a mermaid theme party.. then I changed into a wear-a-tutu-party, then I changed again to pink princess theme – because we saw a cute pink gown for toddlers :) then a luau party.

My mother told me that it is not MY birthday party and I need to consider something that she is fond of right now… and that is no other than Minnie Mouse! Okay. Minnie Mouse it is.I told them that I don’t want a regular Minnie party so I searched for other ideas that we can incorporate her fave cartoon character.

Here are some of the ideas that came up:

  • Minnie Mouse Bowtique party – ribbons a lot of ribbons! ^_^
  • Minnierella party (from the Mickey Mouse clubhouse episode) – this one is more of a princess like party.
  • Minnie Mouse (Luau) Hawaiian party – I saw my cousin’s post about their  travel in Hawaii and his son’s picture with Disney characters wearing leis and floral shirts.
  • Minnie Mouse party – Pink and Black and Polka dots

We voted and decided that we’ll have a Minnie Mouse Luau party. I know that I really have a biased towards this idea but I’ve shown them pictures of this theme and they loved it too! :)

The birthday party planning is on! :)





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