Tips When You’re Travelling with a Baby

I’ve learned my lesson and I’ve learned it the hard way.So I am giving out few tips that might help you too.

1.) Dress yourself and your baby in a very chill and comfortable clothes. I said goodbye to my “I-need-to-travel-wearing-these-because..” clothes.  Dressing comfortably is an advantage for us and Ellie too!

2.) Pack in your carry-on the food and/or formula you will need for the duration of your travel day, and bring LOTS of extra (better safe than sorry) Plus, these foodies will at least keep them busy for some time.

3.) and some of their favorite toy/s. One or Two is okay. In our case – Minnie Mouse did the job.

4.) ALWAYS bring at least 2 sets of extra clothes for the baby – for you, an extra shirt /dress will do.

5.) First-aid kit!

6.) If your baby’s ears seem to hurt from air pressure changes during takeoff and landing, encourage him to breastfeed or suck on a bottle, pacifier, or sippy cup.Thank God, Ellie was an angel during our trip.No drama and no fussiness.

7.) Travel with a baby carrier AND a stroller. I know this is an additional load but it is a big help during unexpected moments and when you travel with a baby… unexpected moments happen frequently ( I don’t know why).

8.) Be cool. Things will go wrong like they sometimes will. A good laugh will help you surpass the moment.

9.) Focus on your baby and your partner. Don’t mind the strangers around you throwing dagger-looks if your baby is being cranky and unimaginable things are happening. You don’t know them and they don’t know you.

10.) Bring a camera and capture all the fun.




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