She turned ONE.

Time flies so fast. Like so fast. My husband and I we were so amazed how from a tiny fragile being, Ellie turned into a sweet, brave and strong little girl who loves dancing and funny faces.  Like what they say – the days are long but the years are short.

We officially have a toddler in our midst.

We celebrated her birthday here in Dubai. We spent at least 2 months preparing everything. It took us a long time because we have to scout for places and themes and I cannot do that on my own and my hubby’s work schedule made it more complicated for us.  Thank God that the birthday bash was a success.

I had a lot of themes in mind when we were planning the party.

  • Mr and Ms
  • Madeleine
  • Carebears
  • Rainbow Bright
  • Princess
  • Mermaid

All of these but what we had was not on this list. I really like the underwater theme but my hubby told me that it will be better is she’s already bigger and can really enjoy a swimming party with her fellow toddlers. I searched in Pinterest and found out that luau parties can be cute too!

We are looking for her costume, Ellie saw Minnie Mouse dresses and stuff and she was very ecstatic. My mom told me ” Minnie Mouse nalang yun theme niya” and they collectively agreed ” hindi mo naman yon birthday” and that statement sealed the theme discussion.

And just to start the preparations I gave in to their theme of choice but we have to incorporate it with something else -Hawaiian, hence, the Minnie Mouse Luau Fun!aloha shirts Floral Dress





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