Being a working mom.

I don’t have enough creativity today so pardon the title of this post. I just uploaded the pictures of the celebration we had last July 29 and I am still working on the video highlights of the party.

Being a working mom has its perks and downtimes. Sometimes I really have this feeling that I just to stay with Ellie at home. Play all day. Sleep. Eat.Do toddler stuff. Practice her walking and a lot more. But I cannot.  The good thing about being a working mom is that I was able to help my husband when it comes to finances and we can give Ellie what she needs and what she wants. I know some might say that time is the best gift that we can give our kids. I agree to that. That’s why I make sure that I make up for the time that I am not there. Weekends. Special occasions. Days off. I even save some of my work leaves so that I can take a time off whenever she needs me.

When I was still on my maternity leave – I was able to be there for her 24/7. I monitored everything and made sure that I was doing things according to plan. Breastfed her. And made sure that I have enough stash before I leave her. Imagine I need to produce a stash more than enough for a month. I felt like a cow but still I will do it again for my child. Sacrifice is synonymous to motherhood. I choose to be a mother so I need to give up stuff that will hinder me in becoming a good mom to Ellie.

Motherhood. It changed me in ways I cannot count. But it is fun and I will not trade it for anything else.




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