Venturing out.

My hubby and I were talking about making some freelance work / business / investment. Anything that can help us save for the rainy days.. anything that can give us additional moolah… anything that can bring us to financial freedom :) Earning money is hard work. But we cannot just sit here and wait for our salaries forever. We have needs to fulfill and WANTS to satisfy.

We are looking at different businesses that we can venture out and start another adventure again. Creating a business is a risk. It will take years before you can actually see if it is working or not. But if we want something to happen we really have to get over the fear of failures and regrets.

We want to have something that we both like – cameras and coffee.

Here are some of the businesses that we are looking at :

  1. Coffee + Bakeshop
  2. Events Management
  3. Restaurant

We don’t want to be employees forever although we are thankful for the JOBS and COMPANIES that we have now. We even consider doing both at the same time :) Truth is : It’s all about the money.

So if you have any ideas on how we can start working on this plan(s) let us know. We need a bit more of information, ideas and positivity too!

Share some love :)




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