The Journey to Toddlerhood Begins with a Single Step.

Ellie is officially walking. We are not posting anything about her walking escapades not until she is walking properly. She is like an energizer (baby) bunny nowadays. Non-stop walking. We are happy to know and see her growing up healthy and active.

We are extra happy when we witnessed her first (four) steps plus her dance moves. She walks fast it seems like she wants to learn running first before walking :)

As a mom  – I usually worry about her milestones and achievement unlocked moments. I keep on researching and reading about baby’s growth and development. I keep on asking my friends about their toddler stories and what they did etc.

There are still a lot of milestones to unlock for Ellie. Sometimes I wonder if reading too much helps or makes me worry more. My mom told me that every child has its own pace. So I should not worry about Ellie because she’s just on time.  As a mother – I always want the best for her (I’m sure other moms too.

Her journey started – soon enough she will try to be a grown up and become independent. Ooops I am not ready for that yet. I know I will be a clingy stage mommy.

Her journey to toddlerhood is another path for us to take. From the moment that she made her first step – I know I will be a clingy stage mommy.




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