When the tough gets boring.

There’s endless thirst for knowledge yet you can’t understand everything. You just sit there and stare blankly on your laptop screen – your mind wandering and wondering. What do next? You asked. But the deafening silence drowned you.

You always use your brain and now it felt like it stopped functioning. So you just try to type some random letters to form some random words. You’re not even sure if you’re making sense but who cares. This is much better rather than blank stares.

You look at the clock and it’s almost lunch time. You don’t have food to eat and you just want to drink some cheap coffee – the 3-in-1 – maybe? Still, you’re not sure just like you’re not sure what to do after lunch break or even after that.

Then you go back to your routine – typing random letters to form random words – because when the tough gets boring – all you can do is pretend.


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