Happy 14th month Ellie! :)

There’s an unexplainable joy in being a mother. Those little kisses and sweet random hugs from Ellie completes my (our) day.Now that she is starting to learn more things and do more stuff I cannot contain THAT feeling.

I used to check out other babies and their milestones just to triple check if Ellie is also doing the same or if she’s doing better. I know it’s not right to compare but I cannot help it. I know that I am not the only one guilty of this. As a mother, I have my own set of worries and victories – some of them are what other parents have… but most of them are our achievements as parents and as a family.

Today is her 14th month. Aside from walking around the house and climbing here and there and exploring whatever her hands touches, Ellie is also interested in books, musical instruments, and her bunny stuff toy (aka dirty bunny). She can now say – A – B – C. And refers to everyone as MAMA. It’s cute how she looks at me and babble, trying her best to communicate. Sorry, it’s not cute – it is priceless. I know that sooner or later she will no longer do that. Give this to me..let me savor this. :)


Seeing our little princess development from day one and how she changed from a fragile baby to a walking doll 14 months later is one of my many victories.I know that soon enough I’ll be posting more about her achievements and my rants and worries and success as a parent.

What’s your favorite moment with your kid? :)



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