Ten Tips for a Happy Marriage.

I was browsing Pinterest and I came upon this image. I saved and sent it to my husband. We are still a young couple (husband and wife) even if we are together for years already. Our relationship needs a lot more polishing, compromises, and deeper understanding. We are two different individuals and sometimes the differences take over and we argue.  Some of the tips listed here are easy to say than done. I am guilty. It’s not easy being with me that’s why I honor my husband for bearing with my tantrums and eye-rolling moments.

Before I  married Tags, I really have a hard time forgiving. One of my personal struggles. This is my favorite flaw like holding grudges became my forte. Then I realized that when it comes to marriage holding on to something bad against your spouse is a no-no.That’s why I always open my heart and my mind when it comes to petty fights and arguments. Apologizing is another topic. When we are still dating he told me that I don’t know how to say SORRY. Like I will die if I utter the word. BUT marriage and a motherhood changed me. It’s a change I’ve decided myself. I know that my marriage will not work if I keep my old ways. I don’t want to have a family where arguments and fighting are part of the daily routine.

This is about maintaining good communication with your spouse and keeping your individuality. Remember that a healthy relationship is growing together with your partner. You cannot just be stuck on what you are 10 years ago or before you met your husband/wife. Lack of growth can create a stagnant relationship and a stagnant relationship is a dead-end relationship.

Take your time to read and think about the stuff written here.





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