Conversation with Ellie

Okay. Ellie is one. She knows how to walk and pretty much do the same things other toddlers can do. Milestones ? check.

I just recently post about how frustrating it is to spend just a few hours with her during weekdays. It is still frustrating – nothing changed. As I think about it, ever since she learned how to walk and grab things, we have repetitive conversations at home. Well, technically I am just the one talking, she is just giving me the “look” and babbles and dance moves and laughs.

Ellie: **babbles and giggles**

Me: Hi baby! what did you do today? Did you eat? Did you read your books?

Ellie: **babbles and squirms**

As soon as I put her down…

“Baby careful!”

“Noooo! Don’t touch that!”

“Ellie don’t eat mommy’s phone”

**She drops the phone and walks around the house again**

“Noooo! Ellie!!!”

**drops the remote**

“Slowly Ellie… don’t go there.”

**pulled the chair**

“Daddy is here don’t go to the kitchen.”

**peeks through the curtains**

“Mr. Sun is sleeping. “

“Don’t bite that.”

“Diaper change!”

“Milk time :) “

“Don’t go down the bed.”

**went down the bed and head straight towards the cabinets**

“Come here, love.”

“Do you want to read?”

**babbles and laughs**

“Just choose one.”

**drops all the books from the shelf**


“Ellie, milk time.”

**carry her to bed**

“Where’s mommy?” ( I am hiding under the covers)

“Please sleep now.” 

“Where’s mommy?” ( I am hiding under the covers)

“Sleeping time!”

**lights off**

“Ellie…finish drinking your milk…” 

“aww baby… sleep now. good night”

Sometimes I am guilty of sleeping before she does. But as soon as I doze off she’ll be snoring too after five or 10 more minutes.

Exhausting? yes. This is part of toddlerhood and I know that this will not last long and I know that I am going to miss these days just like how I miss her during her fragile baby days. Funny how I remember that I cannot wait for her to crawl and walk and just like that here she is. Time flies so fast that I feel like I being left out. I want to cherish every single moment. Tired? definitely. But I cannot repeat these moments and it is fleeting. I always think about it that way. My time with her and whatever activities that we are doing will end sooner than what I expect. No matter how hard I try to stop time or make it slow – I can’t. We can’t.

For the mean time, this will be our bonding moment. Tomorrow is another story.


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  1. Reema says:

    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award !! :) :) Here’s the link

    My apologies If your blog is an award-free blog!!


    1. MrsTags says:

      hello reema! thank you for nominating me ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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