Kids and Technology – should we encourage them to use gadgets?

When I was young  my dad bought me LISA. She is  talented doll. Walks. Sings. Talks. She is a big hit when I was still a kid. Like majority of my friends got it too. She is considered as a vintage doll nowadays. Then I had Jennifer. Jennifer is a baby doll with pink bonnet and tiny eyes and nose. I got the name Jennifer from a Jollibee commercial in the Philippines “Mommy.. Mommy nawawala si Jennifer… ” I preferred Jennifer over Lisa. Because she is more cuddly and less fragile. 

We have less techie gadgets during my childhood days, unlike now that most of the kids have their own iPads and phones and other electronic toys to play with. As parents, Tags and I, discussed that as much as possible we will keep Ellie away from such things up to a certain age. We give her books, stuff toys and balloons. After all she is too young to be exposed from gadgets. Well, she sees us using our phones, and TV remote controls AND  she (eats it) knows how to operate them  BUT we don’t encourage her.

Should we encourage them to use gadgets at an early age?

I often see kids watching videos, playing online games and browsing on their tablets or smartphones. Some parents give it to their kids to lessen tantrums and keep them focused and well-behaved. I do not agree with that.  There are instances that Ellie is noisy and wants to run around or walk endlessly. But she is a toddler and that’s what toddlers do.I am happy to see when other parents run around with their kids or play games with them, read and make arts and crafts with their children.

When Ellie accidentally turned on the Siri option on her dad’s iphone – It’s cute – but it is wrong. Handing a her a smartphone is a fool-proof way to buy ourselves a few minutes of calmness. Assuming that she don’t throw it away or send a nonsense text message to clients or call someone we don’t want to call.

Toddlers are still developing their skills – it is the optimum time for their muscles and bones to get to work.The first three years of life are when children build the foundation of creativity and social interaction. If I just let Ellie sit there and watch or play with gadgets, then, I am missing the point. A child’s brain develops rapidly during their first years, and they learn best by interacting with people, not screens. Too much technology can cause us (adults) harm, what more our children? I read this article, it discussed about the harmful effects of modern day gadgets to toddlers.

What we have before is totally different to what  we can offer / they have now. Technology is evolving. Remember the time when we were first introduced to computers (MS-Dos) or how to use mobile phones? That was ages ago. Our time is different from theirs. BUT, as parents we must know when  and when not to introduce them to these advancements. I grew up with Lisa and Jennifer, my stationaries and stickers collection, paper dolls and books to read. Our generation, we grew up with less technology, and we are fine, right?

So now, we will be sticking to our decision that Ellie will grow up with books, flash cards, puzzles, musical instruments and stuff toys (we bought her a stuff bear  – Claire) and I know that this decision will be good for her and she’ll appreciate it when she grows up.

What are your thoughts?




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  1. Kids should be encouraged to learn to use technology, but this shouldn’t keep them away from their physical activities. As physical strength is as important as knowledge


    1. MrsTags says:

      Good point :) The thing is nowadays the physical activities are becoming less and less and to be honest, kids nowadays prefer gadgets over anything.


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