We got her a bear and named it Claire :)

Like what I posted yesterday – we want Ellie to grow up with less techie gadgets by her side and fill her childhood with books and puzzles and stuff toys. We often visit Build-A-Bear Workshop store at Festival City and Dubai Mall. We love to see Ellie giggling and hugging the bears and ponies. She tells us what she wants by pointing her finger at what she likes, or smiles or nod her head in approval.


Her aunt, Jessa, told us that she will buy a bear for her. At first, we hesitated but since we are there, again, for the nth time and Ellie looks so happy – we agreed. We had a great time choosing the teddy bear for her.  And she was so excited too.

The One.

Build-A-bear Workshop has a number of bears and furry friends to choose from. All of them looks attractive and cuddly and fit for toddlers (even adults). We were able to shortlist – Curly Teddy, Happy Hugs Teddy, Li’l Sandy Cub,and Latte Teddy. We chose Latte Teddy because Ellie spent more time hugging and looking at it.


Wishing Heart

After choosing which furry friend we want to take with us. We gave it to one of the sales guys so that he can put the cotton stuff. Then he asked us to get a heart and make a wish. Imagine – this bear GOT a heart of its own :) There’s also an option that you can record your voice and put it inside the bear. We didn’t get it since we can do it some other time (and I find it scary).

Name game

I just realized that giving names is a trick that not everyone can master. The sales guy told us that we have to give it a name.We spent half an hour or so, just thinking about what name should we give it. We want a monosyllabic name that Ellie can easily pronounce. After laughing at the names that we suggested. Tags suggested to 42a8a2d7840cd0b7673a6b79110ca4b3name it Chloe. Chubby Chloe. I suggested Claire. Claire Bear. He said YES. Well, not really yes, but he agreed with me.

We also bought one dress for Claire. Pink with tiny hearts. The accessories are to follow. I never thought that buying a stuff teddy can be costly. But we made that choice and no amount of money can buy that happy feeling.

After printing Claire’s birth certificate, we were informed that if the time comes, and Claire got dirty – we can give her a bath. We just need to pull out the cotton stuffing(throw it) and go to any build-a-bear workshop outlets, take note that there are more than 400 Build-A-Bear Workshop stores worldwide, and they will stuff it again without any charges.

I am glad to share with you that I can see how Ellie shows care for Claire. She hugs it and plays with it and even tried to put lotion on her and there are many attempts of making Claire drink her bottled milk.



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