And so our adventure begins.


We’re dating for quite some time and I am getting to know him better. I learned about everything about him and his ways and for sure he knew what kind of person I am. We had a big fight before it all happened.I never thought that THAT day will be THE day. 

October 13 – It is an ordinary day turned extraordinary.  I felt like all the butterflies in the world are inside my tummy. My legs became weak and I felt like crying and laughing like a crazy person.  This happened years ago, but I can still feel the emotion and heartbeat I had during that time.

This is not our beginning.Our story began when I said yes to be his girlfriend and from then on, I don’t have to worry about sad endings anymore. I thank God that even if there are challenges in our relationship and inevitable trials, we still manage to survive it one by one. These made us stronger and I am grateful.




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