Choose your battles.


Everyday we encounter a situation that pushes our trigger and there are instances that we let our emotions get in the way. Little things can irritate us in ways we can imagine and the big things? It can drive us really crazy.  I always tell myself that I need to choose my battles. I find it lighter when I just brushed off tiny things that can ruin a good day. The results are great.

When Tags and I got married I knew from the start that differences between us will soon come out and it will trigger arguments and endless discussions. I told him that sometimes some things are not worth the discussion and that we just have to agree to disagree. I get angry easily and I raise my eyebrows like they have a life of their own. And to tell you nothing good comes out of it. For every second that I am angry, I am damaging a relationship, I am adding stress and  I am going far from thinking about any solution.

We don’t have to be always on a fight mode, ready to attack any wrong doing ,slight mistakes even small issues. If it will not matter 5 years from now, why even spend 15 minutes filled with negative vibes about it. Choose your battles.



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